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      1. Chinese Embassy Holds Launch Ceremony of the New Edition of the Embassy Magazine

        On Apirl 10, Chinese Embassy held a launch ceremony of the new edition of Chinese Embassy magazine “News from China- China India Review”. Around more than 120 people attended the event.

        H.E. Ambassador Luo Zhaohui made a keynote speech and launched the new edition of the magazine together with his wife Dr. Jiang Yili, Minister Li Bijian, Chairman of CII India-China Forum Mr. Tarun Vijay, Chairman of Nehru Memorial Museum & Library and former President of ICCR Prof. Lokesh Chandra, Former Director General of ICCR Mr. Amarendra Khatua, Head of TGII Media Private Company Mr Manish Chand, retired embassy employee and former member of magazine editorial team Mr. Narayana Pillai.

        Wonderful discussions and interactions took place and valuable suggestions were proposed. Through this event, the Chinese embassy hopes to build a better information bridge and create a better future for China-India relations.

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